Bomb It 2 Unblocked

The new Bomb It 2 game is a sequel to the original addictive and popular Bomb It! game. This version of the game has more levels, graphics that are smoother and more detailed, and additional gameplay elements such as ramps! The goal is to use bombs strategically in order to explore all of the orange shapes on each level. You can play with up to 4 players at once or against your friends online! What will you do first: drive around like a madman blasting everything in sight or try out some of those cool new features? No matter what strategy you choose, it will be hard not to enjoy this amazing explosion-filled adventure!

Play Bomb It 2 Unblocked at school, work, or on the go!

Before you play this game, please note that it is made by Miniclip so it will require an internet connection. Luckily Bomb It 2 Unblocked doesn’t have a download and can be played from any device connected to the internet. No need to download anything! Just click the link below and enjoy playing Bomb It 2 for free right now at school or work without being caught. Click Here To Play Now For Free.


Playing outside of school/work: There are websites that let you ‘hide’ your IP address in order to play games such as these safely from anywhere. In order to do this Google search, IP Hider. This is a secure website that changes your IP address to one of its own every 10 minutes. After you open the website, select your country of origin and click ‘proceed’. From there go to Once on the site type in ‘ Bomb It 2 Unblocked’ or any other game that is blocked on your school/work network. When you’re done playing just close the window!

Create your own custom character!

In the original Bomb, you could choose between a bee, a ladybug, an alien, and a ninja. In this sequel, there are ten different avatars to select from! You can be a robot, a pirate, or even Yoda himself while playing! Once you get more used to the game you can completely customize your own avatar by clicking on ‘ Customize’ instead of choosing one of these default characters. In this menu, you have access to clothes, hats, and weapons that will allow you to play just how YOU want!

Join a clan to get help with the game or just have fun with friends!

In Bomb It 2 Unblocked you can create, join, and customize your own clan! This is a great way to make friends who love this game all across the world. In order to create a clan simply click on ‘Clan’ in the main menu and then ‘ Create Clan’. Once you have created a new clan you can invite other players or friends by clicking on their username and select ‘ Invite To Clan’. Joining a clan will allow you to get help from other people who are also playing. If they have been playing for longer than you it’s probably best to take their advice! You can talk directly with them by going into the chat room which is found in the lower right-hand corner during gameplay. Get help from friends to win games and meet other people who love playing as much as you do!

Explore different maps and see how many stars you can collect in each one!

In the original Bomb, you could only play a single level. In this version, there are many different worlds that all have their own unique map and theme! As soon as you unlock a new world by defeating one of its levels for 3 stars you will be able to play on the related map! There is a total of six different worlds which you can explore while playing. The worlds are: ‘The Dirt’, ‘Space Station, ‘Cityscape’, ‘Factory Floor’,’Sewer System’,’ and finally ‘Suburbia’. To get 3 stars on a level, simply finish the round under 1 minute remaining!