Central air conditioning electric heater maintenance and attention

Electric heater applications are widely used, and here will look at the maintenance and attention of central air conditioning electric heaters. 1. The heater is not allowed to dry when the electric heater is used. 2, to ensure that the water system is normalized, put the electric heater into use (recommended to install the water flow switch). 4, the system with no antifreeze in the water system, when there is no need to shut down in winter, the discharge valve at the ceramic heater bottom of the electric heater is opened, and the water in the cartridge is placed to prevent the electric heater from being frozen. Inlet and export pipes and docking flanges should be treated. 5, the heater should be reserved at a distance of not less than one meter in the installation terminal, which is easy to repair and maintenance. 6. When the heater does not have a heater in the summer, it is recommended to clean and maintain the inner wall and heating tube to enhance the service life of the heater.

7. Electric heater is an apparatus for heating the heat exchange medium for air conditioner host, and must be installed on the main unit, and the direction of the water port is installed according to standard, and may not be reversed.

The above is the maintenance and precautions for central air conditioning electric heaters, hoping to help everyone.